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SOSA Office

We are located at 35 Terry Fox Drive, unit 201. 

Office Hours

Monday - 10am - 2pm
Tuesday - 9am - 2pm
Wednesday - 10am - 2pm
Thursday - 9am - 2pm
Friday - out visiting clubs

Please confirm I'm in the office if you need to see me since there are days when I may be out doing SOSA business and the office won't be open as listed above.

Thank you

Phone 613 546 6642

Regional Weather


2015 Soccer Development Conference
SOSA COACHES , Tony and Nelson successful . Read More!
FIFA Women´s World Cup Volunteers at Ambassador Cup
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Kingston United U13 boys Vermont Tourny Champs!
FIFA Women´s World Cup
SOSA Males Academy
SOSA Female Academy

OSA and EODSA Coaching Conference | Jan 27, 2015
The OSA and EODSA would like to invite all coaches from SOSA to attend the 2015 Coaching Conference.

Retreat Line Workshop | Jan 15, 2015
Learn about the Retreat Line prior to the season.

FIFA Women's World Cup | Jun 5, 2014
FIFA Women's World Cup Information


Monthly Tip

Monthly Tip #4: Receiving the Ball 

1. Player must have eye on the ball. Meet the ball in midair with thigh
2. Arms out for balance - as ball makes contact with thigh, withdraw leg quickly downward
3. The ball should drop directly to the ground, to the foot you wish to play it from 

Player/Parent Tip:
1. Player can throw ball up above head and control on downward drop
2. Parent can stand 5 feet from player and serve lob ball
3. Parent must emphasize "cushioning the ball"
4. This is not a difficult skill to master, but must be practiced daily 

1. Eyes on the ball 2. Relax on contact 3. Cushion the ball on contact 



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